We pursue an opportunistic investment approach that seeks to identify “off-market” deals with motivated sellers who own under-performing assets or assets that can be transformed through a value-add approach. With a focus on capital preservation and risk-adjusted return, we seek investments that generate cash yields with significant additional growth potential.

Our investment strategy is based on four principles:

Opportunistic Deployment of Capital. We utilize our strength in asset valuation in order to provide our investors with cash flow and capital appreciation through the opportunistic deployment of capital. We believe the dislocation in the capital markets will provide tremendous opportunities in the coming years.

Building a Recession Resistant Portfolio. We target selected geographic markets with the objective of acquiring high quality, recession-resistant assets at significant discounts to replacement costs. This “value-add” investment strategy focuses on assets in demand driven/supply constrained markets.

Preservation of Capital. We are minimizing our investors’ risk of capital by employing relatively low leverage and utilizing structured debt vehicles. Our objective is to bridge the current cycle, create value, and maximize the harvest of carried interest.

Alignment of Interest. The partners at Caddis Capital Investments have committed a significant amount of capital and financial liability alongside investors and we strongly believe this pledge aligns with the interests of our investors. This concept is fundamental to the operation of our firm and every decision we make is a direct reflection of this philosophy.